Essential Oils

healing plant power at it's finest

You're tired of feeling tired.  You're in luck!  I have just the thing for you.

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What are essential oils?


Why Young Living

my promise to you

My Promise to You

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My passion and dedication to those that sign up with me come from MY STORY.  As someone who needed help and guidance during my chaotic start I took a vow to always be there to share my knowledge and support to those that trusted me to guide them on their essential oil journey.  I am dedicated to love on you with everything I have in order to show you the support you deserve.  You will not just be another oiler you will become a part of a family, a squad, a pack that is here to link arms to help get us through the joyful times as well as the train-wreck times.  So what do you say?  Will you let me (and our community) change your life?

Yes, I want my life changed!

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Current Events

Due to Covid there are currently no events listed here.  as soon as things begin to open up please check back here for updates.  thank you for your understanding!