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8 essential oils & wooden oil display box


Known as the swiss army knife of oils this oils is best known for it's calming effect a bedtime.

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In addition to elevated spiritual experiences, the oil includes maintaining radiant, healthy looking skin.

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A fan favorite! This oil has many uses and is loved for it's calming yet uplifting effects.

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Create a stimulating, focused atmosphere for daily tasks. 

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May clear a path to greater creativity or diffuse in classrooms and children’s play areas. Lime can also support radiant skin!

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Use it in your morning skin care routine for an added boost or apply it to your temples before study time or meditation. 

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Mix it with your cleaning products, use it during your nighttime skin care routine, or add a drop to your conditioner for a great scent.

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Combine it in a salt body scrub with other skin-toning essential oils

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Wooden Oil Rack

Wooden rack to hold 9 Young Living essential oils to display your oils in a convenient, decorative way

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$125 usd


- Frankincense, 5 ml
- Lavender, 5 ml
- Peppermint, 5 ml
- Valor®, 5 ml
- Grapefruit, 15 ml
- Lemon, 15 ml
- Lime, 15 ml
- Tangerine, 15 ml
- Wooden Vitality™ oil rack

What's Included:

Ready to dive into essential oils but not sure where to start? Our advice: Begin with the basics! The Welcome Home Starter Kit has everything you need to infuse your home—and your life—with the power of pure essential oils. Packed with our most popular oils, this kit is a simple way to sample what life is like with Young Living!

Every thing that comes in the Premium Starter Kit with Essential Oils comes with the Young Livings Seed To Seal guarantee.  This is the ONLY company in the oils market that has this type of guarantee to ensure you are only receiving the highest quality, truly pure, therapeutic grade products.

Welcome Home Premium Starter Kit

Once you join you won't have to worry that you'll be doing this thing on your own.  Along with my full support you will also get access to our exclusive Young Living team resources!  

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